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   Quality Control

 All our products undergo rigorous quality control procedures right from the raw material upto packing and despatch.  Quality improvement is a continuous process at BPC with constant interaction with our valued customers.
Crushing Strength Tester
Crushing Strength Tester
Substance Indicator
Substance Indicator

Caring For Environment

All products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way using recycled paper only and all paper cones, cores, edge protectors, composite cans, flat boards be recycled time again to produce paper boards which can be again used in the manufacturing process and thus they are part of a never ending cycle of valuable natural resources.

Bursting Strength Tester
Cobb Tester
Bursting Strength Tester
Cobb Tester
...............Cobb Tester......Cobb Tester...Cobb Tester

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