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questionnaire - Paper cone

  1. Name of the Company*
  2. Full Address*  
City* State
Pincode Country*
Fax Email*


  3. Contact Person
  4. Specification of Paper Cone
(with Tolerance)
Base ID mm Top ID mm
Length  mm
  5. Conicity (Tick the applicable)
5 Deg.57' 4 Deg.20' 3 Deg.30'


  6. Surface Finish required
Velvet Finish Flock Finish
  7. Weight of Cone grams (with +/- tolerance)
  8. Yarn Coding (Identification)
  9. Make of Auto Coner
Schlafhorst Savio
Murata Veejay
  10. Consumption per month nos
Indigeneous Imported
  11. Current Source of Purchase
  12. Any Special Improvement
Needed (Please specify)
  13. Requirements*
  14. Enter the Security number*  
Note : If you have any difficulty in filling up is questionnaire, please send us a sample of the cones you
presently use from which we can evaluate your exact requirement.

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